Students from Quest for Success, a non-profit college preparatory organization located in Naples, will share a special afternoon of recognition, appreciation and celebration at the annual Quest Wall Signing Ceremony, Wednesday, May 18 at 4 pm.

More than 118 graduating high school seniors will join together to recognize and celebrate their combined accomplishments, share hugs, say goodbyes and leave their mark on the “Senior Wall” which adorns the office of Quest executive director Susan Zumstein. Festivities take place at the Quest Center located at 2706 Horseshoe Drive South in Naples.

“Signing the ‘Senior Wall’ has become a right of passage for many seniors who leave Quest,” explains Ms. Zumstein. “It’s our longstanding ritual where seniors leave an indelible mark for generations to come,” she explains. “But, it is so much more than just a wall because it represents achievement, success, hard work and legacy.”

“Signings include the student’s name, college or university they will be entering, and year of college graduation,” she adds. This year’s Class of 2017 Quest Scholars have received more than $15.7 million in four year scholarship offers and will attend 42 different colleges and universities in the

fall including Cornell, Duke, UF, University of Richmond, Carleton College and the U.S. Naval


About Quest

Quest is a community-based organization providing highly personalized and effective methods for students to access and pay for most college. Quest began with 10 students in 1993, and currently serves over 381 students from Collier County public and private schools. Quest’s mission is to foster economic freedom through education by empowering high school students to reach their highest career potentials through lifelong learning. A tax-deductible gift to Quest for Success is an investment in Quest Scholars – empowering them to succeed in college and beyond. Community support allows Quest to bridge the gap between exceptional, under-served youth and leading institutions of higher education.

For more information, call (239) 403-7174, ext. 104; or visit online


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