“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is a famous (and timely) Benjamin Franklin quote for Florida home and business owners as hurricane season officially starts June 1.

It doesn’t take a major hurricane to cause damage to a home, but when your roof isn’t in great shape, the integrity of your home can be compromised by as little as outer bands from a tropical storm or even a heavy thunderstorm says Joseph Lamb, Jr. owner of Gulf Western Roofing.

“The roof is one of the most important components of a home or business structure, yet it is often taken for granted until it falls into disrepair,” says Lamb.

“Most roof systems last more than 20 years; but, routine evaluation and maintenance is necessary to extend its life and keep overall costs down,” he continues. The older a roof, the more it requires inspection – especially along the peaks, valleys, penetrations and edges.

While hurricane damage can’t always be prevented or eliminated, with some advanced planning, it can be mitigated before a storm arrives, Lamb believes a well-maintained roof is your best bet against hurricane winds and offers five helpful storm preparedness tips to ensure homeowners are well prepared before the storm.

“Homeowners should always walk around their house to check out their roof and make sure there are no missing shingles, but Gulf Western does not recommend any homeowner attempt to get on their roof and walk around. Not only is it unsafe for you, but it’s better for your roof not to walk on it!” advises Lamb.

Trim any trees that overhand the roof and trim dead branches off all trees.

Make sure gutters and downspouts are free to flow and prevent water from backing up and entering your home.

Check for signs of rotten wood in fascia boards (located just below the metal trim of the roof) and soffit boards (located below the roof overhang areas) indicating a potential problem during a hurricane from wind damage.

Not all roof inspections have to be done on the outside. Look for issues indoors to pinpoint any issues before they get worse. Check for spots and stains on the ceiling, paint that is peeling, damp stains (check if it’s still damp or an old moisture spot) on wood, rafters or wet attic insulation. When in your attic ensure that you can not see daylight!

“It’s always a good idea to hire a professional roofing contractor to look at your roof because they might see something that you missed,” Lamb believes. Gulf Western Roofing provides inspection and maintenance services for your roof and offers a FREE roofing estimate for any repairs or to replace your roof.

About Gulf Western Roofing

Founded in 1999, Gulf Western Roofing is NRCA and FRSA accredited leader in residential and commercial roofing with offices in Bonita Springs, Orlando and North Port, Florida. From repairs and re-roofs to new roof construction, Gulf Western Roofing has built a reputation for quality professionalism and superior customer service  and support. Call  800-277-0647 or visit www.gulfwesternroofing.com.


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