Our #wcw is our social media pro Paolette!

What does it take to be a wizard of social media? Well, you’re asking the wrong person—I’m the writer. But you’re lucky we have the right person in our office. She’s our new Digital Marketing Coordinator Paolette Matute. When she’s not busy coordinating digital ad campaigns across the web, she’s crafting engaging content for our client’s social media accounts.

1. Paolette, in the spirit of social media, let’s start with something fun—what’s your favorite social media platform?

Definitely Instagram! I am truly inspired with the Instagram Community of over 300 million users sharing over 60 million photos every day—and there’s no sign it’s slowing down! When a picture’s worth a thousands words, it’s the perfect platform for instant inspiration. According to a 2016 study by Locowise half of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 75% click-through to visit a website after looking at a business’ post.

2. So you love it, but is it a good platform for business?

Absolutely. Instagram is all about lifestyle, which we consider an essential part of any marketing strategy trying to connect with young professionals.

3. So is it just younger people on Instagram?

No, not anymore. When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, they connected the two and made it easier than ever to share across platforms. This also opened up the platform to baby boomers and older audiences, and it turns out, they also love its to-the-point & easy-to-use concept.

4. Hmm, that’s interesting! Okay let’s get back to the real big dog, Facebook. What kind of content should I post or avoid?

The best posts drive engagement—you should really read about it in our last post. Overall, it’s best to make your posts personable and relatable. Reach out to your audience and encourage discussion. The more creative you are, the more they’ll see you as a real brand with a real personality, not just an advertisement.

5. You mentioned advertisements, so do you think social media is about branding or selling?

To me, the best brands feel like relationships. Relationships are all about connecting, and social media is all about creating those connections, so it’s the perfect platform to promote brand awareness. When businesses overuse social media for self-promotion, AKA too much selling, people can tell.  And they “un-like” it 😉 . Just remember, when you’re using social media, you’re starting the conversation—not annoying the visitor to make a purchase.

6. Relationships over promotion—I like that! Can you give me a good example of a post that will build a relationship?

Our clients are truly special people who are real movers-and-shakers in the community. So, we use the social media accounts to help those in the community “put a name to a face.” We’ll share the client’s bio from the website and ask for a brief quote. It’s a great introduction. Think of it as a digital handshake.

7. Okay, last question and I’ll let you get back to work. What if I’m struggling to get more followers on social media? How do I increase those numbers?

A. Some businesses think it’s a good idea to go out and buy them. NO WAY! You might get a few “likes” instantly, but it means every time you post, you’ll be buying all your likes. It takes (a lot) of time and dedication to nourish authentic growth. Your audience is out there; you just have to find them or make it easy for them to find you—keyword here, #hashtag! I love hashtags! They’re an easy way to connect with followers who won’t just like your pictures, but who will genuinely want your business.

When you have someone like me working on your social media account, I use all these tools so you’ll see numbers organically increase…just like a few of our clients who experienced a 40 percent increase in followers in just two weeks! 

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