WCG is where the magic happens, and this summer I was lucky to be a part of it as an Account Coordinator intern. I worked directly under the Account Manager, Elizabeth, who makes all the client’s wishes come true. If the client is Cinderella, she’s their fairy godmother.

As an intern, it’s easy to get stuck with the busy work no one else has time for- filing paper, fetching coffee, making copies. However, this was not the case at WCG. On my first day, I sat in on a production meeting, modeled clothes for one client in another client’s brand new spec home, and finished the day eating ice cream and editing photos with two of my coworkers. It was clear from day one this wasn’t going to be your average internship.

I learned how to manage budgets, create marketing plans, write press releases, and manage social media accounts, just to name a few. The entire team at WCG embraced me as an intern and gave me every opportunity to learn- I even tagged along to all of the client meetings and wrote blog posts like this (and this).

The most valuable experience was contributing to each step of the marketing process. For every client, I helped construct a budget, create a 12-month marketing plan, present it to the client, and get to work. I loved seeing both the management and the creative sides of the business come together to create the magic.

Thanks to the help of everyone at WCG, I realized that I’m very organized, enjoy leadership roles, and love working with people. Who knows, maybe I’ll become an Account Manager (or fairy godmother) some day too. Until then, I’m still learning from the best. Thank you WCG!!!

Lauren Connors is an Account Coordinator intern with Wilson Creative Group. She is a senior at Wake Forest University, where she is double majoring in Communication and Spanish and minoring in Entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in Naples, Florida and loves to travel.  

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