Future Rob

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Continuing our Future You discussion, we thought we’d share one of our own drawings. Rob Kerns, our Web/Graphic Designer has been kind enough to volunteer. Thanks Rob.

Utilizing his gifted artistic skills, Rob’s current self (NOW) shows him standing in a plain white room while a bird… um… goes to the bathroom on his head. Needless to say, right now, Rob is not functioning at the level he would like to be.

Let’s take a look at Rob’s future self (SIX MONTHS FROM NOW). Whoa! What a difference! Rob is outside. The sun is up. There are birds flying all around, and none of them are using his head as a toilet. He’s wearing a huge smile, and it looks as though his nose has gotten smaller as well (nice touch Rob). And, oh! Are those magical elves dancing on top of a rainbow? Of course they are!

From here, Rob will need to come up with three bold steps to make his journey from his current self to his future self a reality.

Intentional change is difficult, which is why so few of us ever achieve it. Yet, here is a simple (and fun) way to go about it. Enjoy!

– Jackson Mapleton