Quest for Success, a non-profit college preparatory organization, recently unveiled impressive SAT scores by its students, proving the recently rolled out SAT format was no match for their preparation.

Second semester junior year can be a time of stress for many high school students, as they prepare to apply to colleges in the fall of their upcoming senior year. Student feels added pressure when it comes time to sit for the College Board SAT exam. This year, the stress level climaxed with the roll out of the newly revamped SAT, unveiled on March 5, 2016.

Quest students were prepared for this new test, in part, because the program’s primary focus is on personal growth and confidence, thereby removing the drama from the testing equation. If SAT drama exists, it is on behalf of the College Board and its delay in releasing the most recent test results for students. This created undo stress for families by delaying their ability to determine the best test – SAT or ACT – for their child.   

Though delayed results from College Board may be unavoidable in light of the recent test restructuring, ACT is emerging as a test favorite among many Quest students, as access to their results are available on line within three weeks. Equipped with test scores in hand, students can more quickly work with Quest staff to create a plan for improvement in order to attain the highest score possible for college admissions.

College Board developed the new SAT in part because they were losing market share to the ACT. For the past several years, Quest has seen more than 60% of their students prefer the ACT to SAT. However, of those students taking the SAT practice exam at Quest, overall reading scores were much higher than for students in past years. This may be a result of SAT eliminating the obscure vocabulary words that were present in the previous version.  Although the math section of the new SAT is harder due to the addition of trigonometry and new section where students are prohibited from using a calculator. Quest has developed specific curriculum to assist students in honing their mental computation skills.

“At Quest we strive to impart to our students that “consistent and diligent preparation will result in scores that reflect who they are as students,” said Susan Zumstein, Executive Director at Quest for Success. “Adequate preparation is paramount for success on these tests!” Because of inconsistent grade inflation, standardized tests continue to be a significant factor in the college admissions process, as measure of college readiness.

Quest is a community-based organization providing highly personalized and effective methods for students to access and pay for most college. Quest began with 10 students in 1993 and currently serves over 340 diverse students from Collier County public and private schools. Quest’s mission is to foster economic freedom through education by empowering high school students to reach their highest career potentials through lifelong learning. For more information about Quest, call 239-403-7174 or visit


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