For those who haven’t seen this video of a little Montreal Canadiens hockey fan receiving a puck from one of his favorite players (and then experiencing a rush of exhilaration and sheer, unbridled joy), it’s worth watching. In fact, please do watch it right now before reading on.

Awesome. Right?

One thing that is so tremendous about this video is its simplicity. All this hockey player did was toss a puck to a kid. Physically, it was an act that required nearly no effort on his behalf. All it took to light up a little fan with joy was a small emotional and empathetic effort. And that is precisely what so many of us love and appreciate about this video.

It’s these little acts of kindness that become distinguishing qualities between personalities. This video is a reminder of how a moment of caring can make all the difference to one (or many people).

This same message applies to branding. A thoughtful brand is not much different than a thoughtful person. It’s important to remember that every audience is comprised of individuals. And individuals appreciate care. Brands can better connect with their customers by simply taking an extra moment to consider the person they are messaging to, rather than the people. Finding a way to personalize your audience’s experience doesn’t require much money or physical effort. It simply asks brands to act just as this hockey player did… with care and compassion.

– Jackson Mapleton


We took a poll around our office on the brands we feel exhibit the most customer care:

Peggy: Southwest Airlines
Ryan: Toms
Jake: Bauer
Elizabeth: Tory Burch
Lydia: Nordstrom
Ian: Audible
Laura: Amy’s
Kersten: Starbucks 

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