Welcome to Website Wednesday

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And like a whirlwind it’s here—the second week of March! But we’ve been busy since long-before we rang in the New Year! The team at WCG has launched over 8 new websites for everything from education with Quest for Success and communication with Amtel South to a secluded luxury Resort called Turtle Key.

Here’s the plan

We’re going to start a new series you’ll want to binge-watch before the next season of Stranger Things. Each week, we will post a Facebook video of a website we’ve launched and hashtag it #WebsiteWednesday (since we know Paolette loves hashtags)

The video will highlight the interesting features we implemented to help the client spread their message. We’ll also get a quote from one of our team members about how they made the client’s vision a reality. It truly takes 6 team members, all with a unique set of skills, to create the WCG website-building machine.

Speaking of quotes, let’s hear from a man who actually understands the difference between Java and JavaScript, our Web + Graphic Designer Rob Kerns. He’s at the heart of making our client’s special website requests a possibility—like he did with our recent build, Eduthink21.

“Web design is interesting because the technology is constantly evolving. The goalposts are moving, so it’s a dynamic challenge. For example, the Eduthink21 site was designed UI responsively, with an asynchronous non-blocking backend for optimized content delivery.”

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Well that’s why it takes a team—6 of us to be exact, all with a unique set of skills, to conquer what often just seems too overwhelming for most business owners, creating a new website! We hope you’ll enjoy this fun journey with us—and hopefully the next site will be yours. And don’t forget #websitewednesday!