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The role of the Account Coordinator/Assistant is to provide support to the Account Supervisor or Account Manager in the day-to-day management of accounts and to develop the skills necessary to be promoted to Account Manager.

The Account Coordinator/Assistant reports to the assigned Account Manager or Account Supervisor and is responsible for:

  • Gathering and assembling background information and analysis as needed by account service in development of reports, plans, and strategies.
  • Providing daily administration and assistance to Account Manager, Account Supervisor and/or Director of Client Services for assigned clients, including responding to phone calls, handling mail, production/creative deadlines, media placements, etc., to ensure continued client support in the absence of the Account Manager.
  • Providing input in the planning stage as requested by the Account Manager (and account team).
  • Assisting with all mailings, drafting or editing final copy, agendas, conference reports, status reports, proposals, correspondence and other materials relating to account service. The Account Coordinator/Assistant is not involved in preparation of billing, production estimates, or media plans but is involved in preparing all materials for client presentations.
  • Handling and maintaining paperwork and files on all client activities, competitors and industry.
  • Maintaining Client Binders for all assigned clients. Taking minutes of meetings at Account Manager’s request. Preparing meeting reports.
  • Making sure all media and projects go according to approved plans and deadlines, notifying AM well enough in advance so corrections can be made.
  • Proofreading copy, artwork, proofs—seeing that all work completes the standard approval process before being reviewed by clients and turned over to suppliers by Production.

Acting as host/hostess for visiting clients.

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