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WCG Digital is the collective wisdom of marketing and branding experts who’ve mastered the intimidating digital domain. Instead of abstract concepts and technical jargon, we offer fact-based efficiency and clarity. We believe in digital marketing—and the data that back it up: it’s the best way to reach and retain customers, as well as track your results. The days of relying solely on traditional media—billboards, magazine ads, and television spots—are gone, but the path to digital doesn’t have to be rough or winding.

Your campaigns are in good hands with our 100% in-house digital and creative team.

  • No third-party involvement
  • Direct buys with Google
  • Quality, branded content served cohesively
  • Constant monitoring of effectiveness and efficiency of your ads
  • Intuitive adjustments based on performance and goals
  • Adjusting buy based on supply and demand
  • View results with our easily digestible monthly report
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When you’re ready for our expertise, we’ll show you how high your business can rise.

How We Help

(less jargon. more results.)

Browse through our digital marketing services. While other agencies list what they do, we focus on what we’ll help you
achieve. Our tool sets may look similar, but WCG’s approach to branding sets us apart while leveraging tried and true methods for success.


If you’re in a competitive market, or just getting started, you may need a visibility boost. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising brings your business to the forefront, at the top or in the sidebar, when customers search for certain keywords.

Target Specific Audiences

PPC lets you continuously track performance and make adjustments, instead of waiting for the campaign to end to calculate your return on investment. The best part? You only pay when your ad is clicked.

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Banner Network Advertising

People have short attention spans (and they’re getting shorter). Constant distractions mean purchasing decisions are complex and drawn out.

Stay Top of Mind

Programmatic advertising (using software to buy digital ads) and behavioral retargeting (displaying ads for customers who previously visited your website) cut straight through these dense distractions to reach your core customer base.

Over-the-Top Advertising

Audiences are pulling the plug on cable and finding new ways to watch their favorite TV shows. They’ve migrated to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and more.

Capture your Customers

With an estimated 55.1 million Americans ditching cable, businesses must adapt to expand their reach. Over-the-top advertising is the solution, delivering the same video ads across all devices such as mobile, tablet, computer and smart TV.


Sharing genuine, powerful customer experiences and company successes through blogging, campaigns, social media, and other digital storytelling outlets brings your offerings to life.

Make an Emotional Connection

Well-crafted stories raise awareness, build credibility, instill confidence, and arm prospective buyers with relatable evidence.

Content Marketing

Leading brands don’t focus on one-time transactions; they strive for long-term, high-quality customer relationships. Bombarding your customers with coupons and other promotional materials is a good way to get them to tune you out.

Bring Value to Your Customers

On the other hand, offering your customers valuable, useful content is a good way to build trust and rapport. And when it comes time to buy, they’re more likely to come to you.

Social Media

Effective social media management takes more than randomly posting photos and sharing updates. It requires authentic interactions with your customers on platforms that are part of their daily lives.

Engage your Customers

Approaching social media strategically can create a loyal and valuable audience.

Website Design

Two words: brand perception. A technically sound, beautifully designed, and well written website not only engages customers, but also speaks volumes about your overall brand experience.

Look the Part

And because more than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones, it’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly, responsive design—one displaying correctly regardless of device.


Ranking at the top of search engine results is like having a neon billboard on the side of the road: hard to miss. Effective search engine optimization—SEO—is like owning that glowing, prominent sign, digitally.

Get Discovered in Searches

If you come to us buried deep within the search results, we’ll bring you into customer view.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns, even those to your most loyal followers, should be strategic and tailored with a specific call to action.

Be More Strategic

Most people receive more than 100 emails every single day, so having subject lines, imagery, and messaging that don’t land you directly in the “trash” is our goal.

Digital Marketing Packages

We research, create and implement marketing strategies to reflect the ever-changing digital landscape.

Launch Pad

Break into the world of digital marketing. Our inexpensive Launch Pad package leverages tried-and-true foundations for growth, opening new channels to help your brand be seen, heard and loved.


Time to make an impact. Our Top-of-Mind package refines your brand’s presence by nurturing relationships with prospects, leads and customers. Give them what they truly desire. And invite them on your journey to new heights.


Time to make an impact. Our Top-of-Mind package refines your brand’s presence by nurturing relationships with prospects, leads and customers. Give them what they truly desire. And invite them on your journey to new heights.


Ready to level up to the big leagues? Our World-Class marketing package pulls every lever to launch you full-speed ahead, showcasing your brand to the highest extent. Maximize growth, be everywhere at once—and blow away the competition.

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Fully Optimized WordPress Website 5 Page 7 Page 9 Page
Search Engine Optimization 2 Keywords 4 Keywords 6 Keywords
Hosting & Page Speed
Webpage Security
Citations & Listings Management
Reputation Management
Backoffice Reporting Dashboard
Strategy & Support
AI ChatBot
Video Marketing
Professionally Designed Facebook Page
Content Marketing & Blog Integration

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