7 Secrets for Selling in Season

1. Plan early.  If you want to hit the newsstands, the airwaves, the mailboxes and the billboards by the time season starts, you need to initiate creative development weeks in advance.

2. Identify a meaningful USP (unique selling proposition).  What is it about your product or service that makes a difference to your customers—and your competitors can’t deliver?  Consumers are smart and savvy.  But don’t make them do mental acrobatics to figure out why your brand is better than others.

3. Create a campaign with three or more “touch points.”  It might be across media (TV, magazines/newspapers and online).  It might be a series of direct mailers with strong calls to action.  Studies show that consumers need to happen upon your brand and message three times before they consider it “credible.”

4. Get your brand going on social media sites.  Even grandparents are hip to Facebook, Twitter and others.  Depending on your business and the industry you’re in, sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn and Yelp may also drive traffic.  Do some research on what sites are best for you.

5. Consider philanthropic campaigns and event sponsorships.  Seasonal and part-time residents aren’t like vacationers.  They spend significant time here and are active in community efforts, arts and culture, children’s charities and more.

6. Reach them where they’re most receptive.  That might be through a club.  A community publication or website.  Or a cultural, social or informational event.  By cooperating and collaborating with a brand they already know and trust, they will feel more confident in what you have to offer as well.

7.  Be bold.  Be brave.  Be different.  The Boomer generation forever changed American art, music, politics and society.  They reward the rebellious, the courageous and the original.  So when it comes to your brand—be loud and be proud and try something outside your comfort zone. 

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