Back in the middle of March, our entire team gathered in the living room of our office, unsure of what was about to unfold.

We sat in the couches and chairs circling the TV and awaited the news of the hour. Our country, and the world, was about to go on lockdown. The eerie feeling taking ahold turned quickly into determination.

We set the game plan—we were to continue operations at full-speed, only far apart. We cleaned out the fridges, gathered equipment, turned off the lights, and said our goodbyes. That day, we left our second home and returned to our own—our most familiar setting, in the strangest of times.

Luckily, the transition was seamless. In usual Wilson Creative Group fashion, we adapted fast, stayed positive, and remained proactive.

We’re still on lockdown today, far away from co-workers and friends, limited to just a few hobbies and distractions, but that doesn’t keep us from succeeding. Our desire for results and outpacing competition is an exercise we’ve practice every day—even before the lockdown. Staying ahead of the curve is what we do, not just amid COVID-19, but in life, business and marketing.

Our team plans to be back in the office by mid-May. In the meantime, we’re working from home, killin’ it for our clients and doing our best to create better days ahead by sharpening our skills and expertise. This means sinking our teeth into webinars, online courses, books, industry news and more.

For instance, our art department is digging for the next big trends while researching ways to combine their artistic talent with new social media tactics. They’re also gaining certifications through Google or other online marketing platforms.

The account services team is on the hunt for new creative marketing opportunities. They’re attending industry webinars, researching competitors and case studies, reading books, and learning the ins and outs of upcoming marketing trends.

Our copywriter in the creative department is diving deep into certifications as well, gaining the knowledge of Google analytics, SEO foundations and keyword link-building.

In the digital department, our team is staying on top of the cutting-edge trends, optimizing our client’s online presence, and also re-upping their certifications to sharpen their skills and expertise further.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Yulia Yugay, is attending daily webinars, navigating loan processes, and helping us understand the CDC’s and local government’s latest updates amid the pandemic.

These are just a few of our team’s recent improvements during the lockdown. There’s no doubt, when our industry is changing by the day, keeping our skills locked and loaded is one of our highest priorities. As always, we encourage clients to consult us for new strategies, which call for quick decisions and creativity in a time like this. We recommend proactive marketing while maintaining your brand’s voice—an authentic message, unlike the regurgitation flooding your inbox. As quoted by a recent article from The News-Press, Peggy Wilson, Founder and CEO of WCG, said she is working closely with clients so their campaigns can be “effective and not just noise out in the marketplace.”

Ultimately, the challenges of working from home have changed us for the better. Our skills have improved. And our clients, along with ourselves, have committed to braving the storm.

As we get closer to reopening the whole country, Wilson Creative Group enters a new chapter. Our team may consist of the same talent, but we feel like a whole new company.

With pressure comes diamonds.