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Client Onboarding Process at Wilson Creative Group: A Q&A Guide

Starting a partnership with WCG involves a comprehensive and engaging onboarding process. We aim to understand your unique needs and objectives, whether you’re a new client or switching from another agency. Our process is designed to be as efficient as it is engaging because when you win, we win. Here are some common questions:

Q1: How long does the onboarding process typically take?

Gabriela Rivas: Our onboarding process typically spans 30 days. This period allows for a deep dive into your brand’s identity, objectives and current marketing landscape. For those new to marketing initiatives, this time is crucial for establishing a strong foundation, covering everything from understanding your brand’s current state to logistics like social media credentials and website information.

Q2: I’ve previously worked with an in-house marketing team or advertising agency. Do I still need to go through WCG’s onboarding process?

Kimberly Curry: Yes, our onboarding process is essential regardless of your past experiences. Think of it as an engaging initiation tailored to understanding your specific goals, brand identity and current assets. This helps us customize our strategies effectively and maintain transparent communication, laying a strong foundation for our collaboration.

Q3: When does the onboarding process begin?

Gabriela Rivas:  The onboarding process begins right from our first interaction. Initial meetings often reveal significant insights about your company and objectives. These early conversations help us start drafting initial strategies, although the full discovery unfolds over the first month, allowing us to gather all the necessary details for a robust marketing plan.

Q4: What can I expect during the onboarding process?

Kimberly Curry: Here’s a step-by-step overview of our onboarding process:

  1. Initial Meeting: We’ll have a kickoff meeting to discuss your goals, brand identity and current marketing efforts.
  2. Questionnaire: You’ll receive a detailed questionnaire to provide more information about your business, target audience and marketing preferences.
  3. Marketing Schedule and Budgeting: Based on your responses, we’ll create a tailored marketing schedule and budget plan to allocate resources effectively.
  4. Asset Collection: You’ll provide access to your current marketing assets, including social media accounts, logos and other relevant materials.
  5. Strategy Development: We’ll develop a customized marketing strategy based on the information you’ve provided and our insights.
  6. Content Planning: We’ll plan your content for the upcoming months, ensuring it aligns with your brand and goals.
  7. Regular Meetings and Updates: We’ll keep you updated throughout the process with regular meetings to discuss progress, gather feedback and outline next steps.

By the end of the onboarding process, we will have a clear, actionable roadmap for your marketing efforts, ready to propel your brand forward. This structured approach lays a solid groundwork for collaborative, long-term success.