Picture this: it’s your tenth wedding anniversary. You buy your significant other a bouquet of flowers. You come home, give them the flowers and say, “happy anniversary!”

Nice, right? Well, now picture this:

It’s your tenth wedding anniversary. You buy your significant other a bouquet of flowers, the kind you had at your wedding—hydrangeas. You rush home early to prepare their favorite meal (that you have the ability to make). You set the mood just right. You pour the wine, turn the lights low, place a little Kenny G softly in the background and of course, place the hydrangeas right in the middle of table. When he or she gets home, you say, “happy anniversary!”

Better? Definitely better.

In both of these scenarios, flowers were given. Yet, notice how accentuated the gift of flowers was able to become by simply placing them within a greater context, rather than simply presenting them on their own.

The point is: any one product cannot, on its own, say what you need it to say. It’s up to the consumers to apply their own personal story to it, to make it truly valuable.

For businesses who sell products and services, it is vital to keep this in mind. When you are marketing, you are not selling a product, rather you are selling a conductor—something capable of taking in each unique consumer’s own energy and then making that item completely their own.

Just as spouses must demonstrate why their gift matters in relation to their relationship’s story, so must businesses demonstrate why their product will matter to their consumers.

The easiest way to sum up the importance of this concept is through the help of Super Mario:

So remember, it’s not enough to say it. You must show it. You must demonstrate it!

– Jackson Mapleton


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