In a few short years, social media transformed from the frontier of marketing to a necessary tool for the success of any business. Curious about the workings of a successful social strategy, many business owners ask the all-knowing Google search bar for a little more information. Amidst the infinite search results and endless posts, a certain buzzword resurfaces, “engagement.”

Engagement, broadly defined, is when people interact with brands on different social media networks. Although it sounds simple—after all we ‘engage’ with our friends, family and colleagues everyday—it’s important to remember the implications of direct conversations with your audience on social media.

Our formula for engagement magic? Account Executive + Writer + Digital Marketing Coordinator

Here’s what we’re thinking…

David Ogilvy once said, “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.”

When businesses interact with audiences on social media, they are reflecting the existing brand symbol, as well as actively participating in its evolution. That means every post, every comment, every like and share is a reflection of your brand (that’s right, your brand isn’t a logo)!

Consumers love this landscape because they can directly interact with their favorite brands. Whereas the line of communication from the business to the consumer was once carefully coordinated, anyone can now reach-out on social media and necessitate a response. The response—the ‘engagement’—must adopt a new conversational tone.

Are you keeping track of all this?

✔ Every interaction is a reflection of your brand

✔ Social media ‘engagement’ needs to represent the complex symbol of your brand

✔ Social media ‘engagement’ must be conversational in tone

✔ Brands need to respond to social media commenters

✔ And don’t forget—a logo isn’t a brand

Maybe an example will be a little easier

On the social media accounts we manage, we share when our client’s receive media press. On a recent share, a commenter pointed-out the article was slightly dated. Rather than deleting the post, we took the chance to enhance the brand—we engaged!

We updated him with the relevant information, but we also took it a step further. We did some research and discovered the commenter was a Husky fan—and it just so happens we prominently feature dogs in the ads for this pet-friendly community. Adapting the same playful tone as the campaign, we responded with a bit of a double-meaning, “Either way, we’re Huskies fans too, so we like.”

The guy loved it! He was excited about the new information. And it turns out he was our client’s biggest fan! He already purchased a home in the development and wanted to make sure we were spreading the good word!

…and to think we could have just deleted the post! But we didn’t—we engaged and enhanced the brand!

So you see, engagement is as easy as that! Reflecting and evolving the complex image of the brand in real-time, and not being afraid to engage with the customer…

Okay, it’s not easy. But that’s why we’re here. We know how brands tick, and what it takes to keep you consistent the ever-changing web. 

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