Enjoy the Marathon

By |2016-05-31T08:48:39-04:00May 31st, 2016|News Release|

With the upcoming summer Olympic games in Rio this August, we got to thinking: if advertising were a sport, which would it be, and why?

Consider the options. How about volleyball? No, too sandy; too messy. What about gymnastics? Eh, too many flips.

Track and field? How about long distance running? Yes—perfect!

When it comes to advertising, many have the desire to go big and to go fast without putting much strategy or thought into their company’s brand. This is what we would call a sprint. While the flooding the market certainly could produce some immediate results, the chances of those results lasting are slim.

At WCG, we’re long distance runners. This means we have the stamina, training and conditioning to create brands for our clients that outlast the competition. We believe strategic thinking, target-market evaluation and brilliant creative are the best ways for businesses to achieve long-term success. While sprinting may be tempting, remember, haste makes waste and your brand needs to last and maintain effectiveness tomorrow, next year and far beyond.

In this marathon of advertising, a company’s brand is essentially their running shoes. It’s vital to pick the right ones. At WCG, we make very excellent running shoes 😉

– Jackson Mapleton