Wilson Creative Group’s pet-friendly environment is as old as the advertising agency itself, thanks to ad agency founder Peggy Wilson’s own love of animals. “Our team is young, very collaborative and laid-back; bringing dogs to work just became a part of our culture and helps get the creative juices flowing,” explains Peggy.

At WCG, Peggy’s two chocolate Labrador retrievers Jackson and Maple do get the most-favored status with a reception desk stocked with dog biscuits and on-site dog-friendly amenities like water bowls, treats, beds and toys.

And, they’re allowed to roam free around the office.

“The dogs make people smile almost universally, and I think they allow anxiety to diffuse when they suddenly walk by,” says Peggy. “I know I have a tough time reading my email when Jackson comes over to say, ‘hey,” she laughs.

There are definitely benefits to bringing your dog to work. A recent study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that people who bring their dogs into the workplace are less stressed and more productive. Pets in the workplace also help build positive work relationships by forging collaboration among peers. Pets also improve employee physical health by inspiring pet owners to get up from their desks and walk with their dogs.

Plus, a sense of satisfaction extends to people who come into contact with the dogs. Not surprisingly, the UPS driver always has dog treats on hand.

“When other people are coming into the agency — especially when they’re here for an interview which can be stressful for people — my dogs will turn around and welcome them. It sort of calms people down,” says Peggy. “Our reputation for being animal-friendly has helped attract new employees with the unique benefit of being able to bring their dogs to the office.”

Having a pet or two in the office isn’t just beneficial for an employee’s own well-being; it’s also great for winning over clients too. Any meeting is guaranteed to get off to a good start when a customer is greeted by a gentle dog. Animals have the intrinsic ability to put a smile on almost anyone’s face.

“A pet-friendly office also shows our clients just how approachable and human the agency is, as WCG is dedicated to keeping our employees happy,” believes Peggy. “Nobody that comes to visit our office will forget WCG anytime soon, that’s for sure!”

Mark your calendar for the 19th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day® Friday, June 23 to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions.


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