Good morning,

It certainly has been an interesting two months, as the whole world hit the pause button on business—and life—as we knew it. To everyone personally affected by COVID-19, we extend our best wishes for restored health and well-being.

While the pandemic will likely impact southwest Florida for some time, business is still happening and ramping up more each day. Thankfully, many of you are forging ahead, as we are, with a commitment to flexibility, versatility and continued success as we establish a new normal within our spheres of influence.

And, we are moving forward with a renewed sense of resilience and a confidence in our strengths. Ours is a tenured team of dedicated professionals, well-versed in our markets, and beyond able to act quickly, utilizing both new and traditional strategies further growing your brand and drive business.

We have successfully maintained momentum of our clients since deploying staff to work from home on March 16, and, we haven’t skipped a beat. And, we are excited to return to the office and see one another next week with staggered in-office schedules—taking responsible steps to reestablish normalcy with greater sensitivities toward protecting the health of our staff, clients and guests.

We look forward to the day we can meet with our clients, vendors and guests in person; however, through May, for most we will conduct meetings via teleconference and/or Zoom.

And as we seek ways to stay connected, we’ll periodically share information such as this letter. We’ve added a NEW resource web page to our site, check it out! It provides viewers with resource links, information on do-gooders in our area, additional info on us, and of course, some fun links to find levity in this seriousness we’ve all faced.

Additionally, we are excited to deploy next week, our all-new eNewsletter, Gaining the Upper Brand. A project we have been crafting for some time which is finally coming to life, in it you’ll find important marketing and branding topics, helpful information relevant to change in our industry, projects we’ve been working on and other insightful content. We hope you enjoy staying connected this way too.

We understand each of you are going through varying degrees of challenges and change. We appreciate your courage and commitment as we work harder than ever during these evolving times. Stay empowered! And, thank you for your continued trust in Wilson Creative Group.

Warm regards,