What is a blueprint?

Well, to most of us it’s one of those cool looking maps with all of the exact dimensions and measurements architects use to guide them through a project.

Sure, blueprints are traditionally used for building, but we’d like to argue that all successful projects have a blueprint of some fashion… you just may not realize it’s a blueprint.

Take for example, us—Wilson Creative Group. What’s our blueprint? While it may not be filled with lots of complex formulas and equations, it’s as dynamic as any. When you work backwards and break down what makes our creative agency flow so smoothly, it can be identified as the perfect combination of the following:
– 2 parts creative genius
– 1 part wordsmith
– 1 part production guru
– 2 parts account masterminds
– 1 part finance extraordinaire
– 2 parts internship specialists
– 2 parts cute chocolate pups
– and of course, 1 part fearless leader

If you haven’t caught on yet, our formula is our people. For WCG, or any business to thrive, it needs the right people, with a determined spirit and desire to do great work. It is the ultimate blueprint for success. And trust us, around here (especially lately) we know a good blueprint when we see one 😉

– Jackson Mapleton