Offering lectures on a variety of subjects, Ted Talks have become a hub of inspirational content. While the subject matters they present are usually interesting and useful, we recently came across one of particular brilliance:

Draw Your Future, by Patti Dobrowolski

In its absolute simplest form, Patti tells us to visualize the future we want vs. our current reality. Then, she says, apply three bold steps to achieve your optimal future. The logic behind the technique is pretty self-explanatory: our brains understand images better than words… so of course drawing is a better mode of articulation than writing. Duh!

Anyways, what if businesses applied this easy activity to their employees? (Of course within the context of their role at their organization). What does your Sales Manager’s drawing of his/her current self look like compared to their optimal future self? What steps would they use to get there?

Better yet, what if you applied this exercise to your company as a whole? What does your business look like today? What does its optimal future look like tomorrow? What are the three steps you’ll take to get there?

We will be releasing ours in the coming weeks. For now, why not give yours a try?

– Jackson Mapleton 

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