The Voice

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Find your voice. It’s something we’ve all been told to do. In our personal lives, all it really means is for us to discover the space we feel most comfortable and confident in… and OWN IT!

Now apply this notion to business. Or better yet, branding. All the best brands have a distinct voice. Think about it. How about Budweiser? Take a listen. Or Coca-Cola. Or Orbit gum. What do these brands sound like? Companies like these have established such strong brand voices that we can recognize their look and sound without even seeing the company’s name or logo.

So how does your brand discover a voice as unique and identifiable as the big dogs’? Well, there’s no secret formula, but great design and a kick-ass strategy can’t hurt. Luckily, at WCG, we specialize in both. Most importantly, however, voice is about confidence. It’s what the kids today call swagger. If you want your brand to actually get through, you need to OWN IT! You need to let the brand strut its stuff.


From CEO down to the newest hire, everyone in the company needs to embrace the brand. They need to live the brand and be ambassadors of it.

This is how a brand finds its voice.

– Jackson Mapleton