Website Wednesday Week 9: Grace Lakes Florist

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Web Goal: make a bouquet of beauty with e-commerce capabilities

As the oldest and first full-service florist in Naples, Grace Lakes has beautified homes, halls and businesses for countless occasions. As a design and development team, we paid tribute to their storied history and captured the beauty of their work, while also giving the site powerful e-commerce capabilities.

E-Commerce Capability
Although Grace Lakes’ predates the web—not to mention color photography, in today’s marketing online ordering is a necessity. The florist industry is growing increasingly competitive and busy buyers would rather order online. Our team outfitted Grace Lakes with needed robust selling capabilities. We used state-of-the-art features like mobile commerce, secure online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management, shipping calculators and more. With the new platform, they can compete locally with any big-box flower retailer.

Artistry On-Display
Creating gorgeous arrangements requires vision, balance, craftsmanship and style. For Grace Lakes, and its high-end clientele, this artistry is the expectation. Giving the website a stunning gallery allows visitors to glimpse the work. Confident in the Grace artistry, visitors can use their services for a future event, or trust Grace with a secure online purchase.

Enjoy a bit of beauty here, or head over to Grace Lakes Florist and find something special for a special someone.