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What we resolve to do in 2022

We highly recommend making even one small change in your normal routine and see the impact it has on improving your life. This blog post on resolutions is a great example! It’s a change from the type of topics we normally cover—so we hope you enjoy it.

Peggy: Eat more bread, muffins, bagels, rice, potatoes and cheesecake

Ryan: Put my phone down and be more present

Jean Marie: Cook at home more rather than eat out

Jama: Work “Time will tell” into conversation at least once a week

Rob: Ascend more mountains, literally and figuratively

Erik: Diversify my pizza repertoire with new toppings and styles

Christian: Get in shape and run a half marathon or a 10k

Robert: Overcome my fears of making tortillas and cooking shellfish

Stefani: Stress less and enjoy the now

Karen: Not let bad drivers get me mad

Chris: Lose another ten pounds in addition to the ten I’ve lost

Elizabeth: Finish my coffee while it’s still hot

Terri: Pay it forward with “random acts of kindness” once a week

Gabi: Make more time for the things I love

Sadie: Start meditating again

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