We highly recommend making even one small change in your normal routine and see the impact it has on improving your life. This blog post on resolutions is a great example! It’s a change from the type of topics we normally cover—so we hope you enjoy it.

Peggy: Eat more bread, muffins, bagels, rice, potatoes and cheesecake

Ryan: Put my phone down and be more present

Jean Marie: Cook at home more rather than eat out

Yulia: Drink more water

Jama: Work “Time will tell” into conversation at least once a week

Rob: Ascend more mountains, literally and figuratively

Erik: Diversify my pizza repertoire with new toppings and styles

Christian: Get in shape and run a half marathon or a 10k

Robert: Overcome my fears of making tortillas and cooking shellfish

Stefani: Stress less and enjoy the now

Karen: Not let bad drivers get me mad

Chris: Lose another ten pounds in addition to the ten I’ve lost

Elizabeth: Finish my coffee while it’s still hot

Terri: Pay it forward with “random acts of kindness” once a week

Gabi: Make more time for the things I love

Sadie: Start meditating again