I can tell you right now, it’ll take 7 minutes to read this article. It’s not a long time, but it’s eons for easily distracted—they could have watched a handful of short videos on Facebook. We aren’t getting our attention spans back anytime soon, so why not give your prospects what they want – video!

Increase your social media reach!
Creating a viable social media presence may be difficult for small businesses (we can help with that too, btw). The big brands with scores of employees behind computers simply have an advantage. But if there’s one thing everyone loves—and can differentiate you from the competition—it’s video! We’ll slow our scroll (sorry, had to) for a few seconds to watch another cat video (our favorite below) or see Jimmy Fallon tell an actor their new movie is “SO GREAT!” So why not throw your brand into the mix with a quick 30-60 second video?

Start a relationship
When you start creating video, you only grow your relationships with customers. Owners and employees love to put their pictures on their bios up on the website. But what if instead of being read, those bios could speak? Video gives your brand the power to put a voice with a name. Go beyond the man behind the logo to a place where you’re effectively engaging with your customer base.

Professional video is… Professional
Sure, everyone loves a shaky, homemade iPhone video, but if you’re trying to build a quality brand, we’ll go out on a limb and say, go professional! “But WCG, professional video is expensive!” Well, doesn’t your brand deserve it? A small upfront expense is a rewarding investment. Remember, it’s all about the strategy. If your strategy is on-point, a single shoot can produce multiple videos for different audiences—remember these will only be 30-60 seconds long.

Where will my video live on the web?
We’ve all been there. It’s 4am. You can’t sleep. You grab your phone and start scrolling through Facebook. Imagine your video living right there on your news feed—we’ll even add the subtitles so you can keep the volume off. Or, post it on the homepage of your website to instantly hook your visitors. Just recently, we revitalized the ever-important testimonial section of a client’s website with compelling videos—check out one below.

If your brand is ready to start connecting with a new audience and continue relationships with your existing one, we’re ready to start rolling

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