Website Wednesday Week 11: Gulf Western Roofing

Web Goal: create an engaging online and mobile-friendly experience to showcase Gulf Western Roofing

An excellent roof is something few appreciate until the roaring rain clouds roll in. When homeowners hear the dreaded drip of a leak, we want to give their panicked minds an easy way to contact GWR, and we also want to provide an informative experience for buyers and builders looking for a company to install a new roof. To blend the two, our team mixed easily accessible contact buttons with informative content.

Be Mobile-Friendly
When your roof springs a leak, chances are you aren’t going to fire up the computer—you’re going to grab your phone and start Googling. When you access the Gulf Western site on a mobile phone, the first thing you see is a header bar with all the contact information, including phone number and a re-assuring “Open 24/7.” Like all the websites we create, mobile-friendly capabilities are essential for reaching and communicating with consumers on the go.

Establish Credibility
No matter where you live, a roof is the first and last line of defense for your home; to lean on a cliché, “it protects all you hold dear.” When homeowners consider a new roof, they are entrusting the roofing company with a major security and economic investment. We wanted to use informative copy and good imagery to position Gulf Western Roofing as someone buyers can trust—and their years of experience give us an incredible foundation.

The site continues to build credibility by providing a comprehensive company story, core values, a sortable gallery of their work, and a truly unique Hurricane Response Plan page. When our team synthesized all the elements into a user-friendly experience, the result is truly compelling.

Engage with Copy
Clever web tricks like parallax and gifs keep the user interested—so much so that when we catch a bit of text on a web page our eyes tend to gloss over. Although we want the visitor to read every word, we’ve accepted it’s just not going to happen. But if they read anything, we want them to read the testimonials—or as the kids call it these days, “social proof.”

Our team came up with a clever trick: name each one of the testimonials. The name provides a quick summary, while also encouraging the viewer to read on. Some of our favorites?

Speaking of reading on, head over to the website and explore all Gulf Western Roofing can offer… maybe even start planning your next roofing project!

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