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We Do Things Differently

The difference is the way we work. We break limits on ideation, set trends, go right- and left-brain and never, ever box ourselves. We listen to what your brand is saying, and discover what it takes to express it to full capacity—we make it resonate and catch like a pop song. Together, we will give your brand the confidence it needs to thrive in a competitive market.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

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Our portfolio and excellence have attracted a team of creative talent from far and wide. Los Angeles to Annapolis.
Chicago to the UK. And of course, Florida natives. Thoughtful. Articulate. Imaginative. Together, we set the bar.

Peggy Wilson - Naples Florida - Advertising Agency

Peggy Wilson


As a creative professional, Peggy Wilson has made a significant impact on Southwest Florida. In her career, spanning over 25 years, she has produced an astonishing number of the region’s highest profile, most recognized brands in dominant industries such as real estate and land development, hospitality, retail sales, technology, banking

services, health care, sports and recreation, non-profits and travel/tourism. Her own intrinsic talent, keen market insight and innate ability to attract and retain skilled creative professionals have fueled the growth of Wilson Creative Group since she launched the agency in 2007. The diverse portfolio of work she and her team generate on a daily basis is consistently recognized with awards from the American Advertising Federation, the Southeastern Building Council and the Building Industry Associations of both Lee and Collier counties. Her clients benefit greatly from engaging her as a brand consultant and her strategy-driven approach to marketing communications.  A Florida native from Palm Beach County, Peggy has made Naples her home since 1989.

Creative Director

Jeannine Darretta

Creative Director
Insightful, instinctive, intelligent brand image architect who honed her craft making million-run-mailers for the nation’s biggest brands. Hilton Hotels and Vail Resorts are also in her blood.
Web Designer

Rob Kerns

Digital Analyst
Decisive and disciplined covert web design operative who infiltrates users’ psyches with mind-blowing technical executions.
Senior Graphic Designer

Erik Vilnius

Art Director
Specializing in print design, Erik is a talented problem-solver and approaches every design challenge from a focused and creative perspective.
Graphic Designer

Chris Pastir

Art Director
This hard working, fast adapting, collaborative, organized and detailed designer keeps his cool when the heat is on.
Web Designer

Karen Garcia

Web Designer
This English, Spanish, Italian, SEO speaking pro, has a motto: Consider it done! In web and graphic design, does she ever.
Senior Copywriter

Rick Kourchenko

Senior Copywriter
Took typing in high school. Learned advertising in agencies across the country. Served clients including The Ritz-Carlton, Sealy, Beringer, Publix and Raymond James. Now putting it all together at WCG.
Account Manager

Lauren Connors

Account Manager
This ambitious and detail-oriented Naples native is super social and brings a fresh, unique perspective to the account services team.
Account Coordinator

Thomas Loughran

Account Coordinator
Young but wise. Smart but, well, smart. Can navigate marketing and media as expertly as the rivers of North Carolina and Costa Rica. He was a professional guide, after all.
Social Media Coordinator

Delaney Carroll

Account & Social Media Coordinator
Tired of layering and snowplows, she left Michigan to show Southwest Florida a thing or two about social media platforms, Google Analytics and increased open and click rates. And see the sun.
Public Relations Services

Jama Dock

Public Relations Director
Buzz creator, industry award winner, proud Western Kentucky University Hilltopper and even prouder mother of three. On top of all that, this PR pro can do handstand walks. Trust us, we’ve seen it.
Production Manger

Yulia Yugay

Financial Manager
A master of efficiency and productivity. A wealth of business and HR experience. Fluent in three languages. Knows how to swim with the sharks. Literally, she swims with sharks.
Traffic Coordinator

Christian Anderson

Traffic Coordinator
One of the Great Masters of organization, problem solving and scheduling efficiency. If that sounds impressive, you should see his mixed-media painting work. Some is on our walls.

Terri Poli

This always-smiling, uber-caring number cruncher, has the minutia all figured out when bringing the numbers together. And insists on finding the right bucket for each and every penny.


Want to be part of the team at WCG? Do you have the tenacity to make it in the ad world? (Seriously though, it’s hard.) Are you a perfectionist with an eye for the smallest detail? Whether a professional or a student seeking an internship, please email a cover letter, résumé and link to your portfolio.

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We love our clients and are proud to work with some of the brightest businesses in Southwest Florida and beyond. We stacked up our roster, and are proud to be serving a wide-range of industries. Ask us to see the client list. May we add your company name to it?

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