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BILD by Coach O

BILD, guided by the renowned Coach O, sought our expertise to create a brand that elevates both fitness and community values. With in-depth research and a keen eye for detail, Wilson Creative Group embarked on a mission with BILD. Our tailored approach led to a dynamic brand that not only captures physical transformation but also fosters emotional health and community connection.

Naples, Florida

Brand Design Campaign

Continuing with our dedication to authenticity and innovative design, our brand campaign for 'BILD by Coach O' was a comprehensive endeavor. From the perfect naming strategy to a visually striking logo, every element was crafted to resonate with BILD's transformative vision. The end result was a cohesive blend of visuals, digital presence, and engaging strategies that truly embody the BILD ethos. We're proud of this brand, a genuine reflection of BILD's unique vision and its community-driven mission.

Website & Digital Assets