This week at WCG was like any other week. We showed up, strategized, collaborated, and ultimately, dominated by creating awesome brand elements for our respected clients. Yet, in many ways, everything about this week was completely different. Why, you ask? It’s because now we’ve officially moved

Award-winning advertising and marketing agency expands to Shoppes at Vanderbilt Wilson Creative Group, a full-service advertising and public relations agency, has signed a five-year lease for a 3,200 square foot office space located at the Shoppes at Vanderbilt in Naples. The new location triples th

Find your voice. It’s something we’ve all been told to do. In our personal lives, all it really means is for us to discover the space we feel most comfortable and confident in… and OWN IT! Now apply this notion to business. Or better yet, branding. All the best brands have a distinct voice. Th

What is a blueprint? Well, to most of us it’s one of those cool looking maps with all of the exact dimensions and measurements architects use to guide them through a project. Sure, blueprints are traditionally used for building, but we’d like to argue that all successful projects have a blue