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Five Lessons Learned

1: Stay true to your values.

When it comes to what you do and how you do it, don’t compromise. This keeps our actions and decisions aligned with our core beliefs, and it creates integrity and authenticity in our lives. It also allows us to build trust and credibility with others, fostering meaningful connections and making positive impacts on personal and professional relationships.

2: Hold your team close, if not closer.

Clients will come and go, but your team drives the success of your organization. By prioritizing their well-being, maintaining a positive work environment and investing in their growth, you empower them to deliver exceptional results, enhance collaboration and ultimately provide outstanding service to your clients. Every damn day.
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3: Clients who value what we do and how our services benefit their business and brand are worth their weight in gold.

Their understanding and support create a strong foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. This means sustained growth and success for everyone. A full 90% of our client relationships are more than five years old. We enjoy a high rate of return with project clients, who come and go as needed. They tend to lean back into our services because they fully recognize the value of our services.

4: Focus on the good.

Ignore the rest. The world is full of negatives. By concentrating on life’s positives, we enhance our resilience, solve challenges and maintain our emotional well-being. True story.

5: There is truth in transparency.

Without it, our relationships, whether professional or personal, have no trust or authenticity. I’m proud to say we share everything with our clients: the numbers, the obstacles, the candor. As trusted advisors, our clients share situations with us all the time. Embracing openness and honesty creates environments where meaningful connections thrive, enabling effective communication, collaboration and problem-solving.

In summary, it’s always an absolute joy to see clients launch, grow and thrive because of their trust in all the marketing assets we’ve provided and the brand we’ve built for them. Their leaders’ and teams’ renewed confidence and enthusiasm is a big reason behind why we love what we do.

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